Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meet the Dudes

Welcome to my blog!
I am so happy to have my Etsy shop up and running! Today is day 20 of His Vintage being open so I am celebrating with the sharing of my dudes behind the scenes! Randy, Jared, Todd and Xander are 4 little inspirational dudes I painted who love His Vintage and they love life.  Just four regular, ordinary, weird people. I hope they inspire you as well! 

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Randy loves a lot of things, but what he loves most is his fish. His 700 gallon fish tank sits perfectly in the center of his 1 bedroom trailer, which is located in the desserts of Virginia City, Nevada. His tank is full of an array of exotic salt water fish. Born and raised in the high hills of Manhattan he decided to completely change his life style... from fab to drab most would say, but Randy's fab is most peoples drab. He likes it that way. 
Hobbies: writing short poems and leaving them in peoples mailboxes, cooking, nightly moon watching
Favorite food: canned chili

Jared grew up with him mom and dad in Tucson, AZ. However it was not for long because when he was 6 years old his parents got a divorce. He grew up having very little money but he did not mind. He lived a simple life. Throughout his life Jared began to go on many archeological digs with the local science museum. One day while digging in Pintia, Spain he recovered something remarkable. Of course what he found was worth more money than he ever had in his entire lifetime. From that day on Jared has been one of the richest men in the US. But you would never know.... because Jared always has and always will live a simple life.
Hobbies: shopping, giving back rubs (but not receiving them), playing indoor soccer
Favorite food: BLTs 

Todd is a math teacher. He loves nothing more than to teach and tell jokes. Most of his jokes aren't really funny, but he gets so much joy out of telling them that you just laugh to make him feel good. His favorite joke is: WHY DID THE ENGLISH BOOK BREAK UP WITH THE MATH BOOK? BECAUSE IT HAD TOO MANY PROBLEMS
Hobbies: Calculating, building mini cars, listening to jazz
Favorite food: Eggplant

Xander was born and raised in Central Point, Oregon. He has never felt the need to leave, nor has he ever even thought about it. He is #1 in his D&D club (dungeons and dragons, duh) and won't meet anyone without letting them know that. Xander goes around wearing a bald man wig with his favorite sweat band, soley to confuse people when he tells them he is 17. He may be weird but dang, this boy has got one hell of a mustache.
Hobbies: D&D, eating McDonnalds, collecting swords
Favorite food: double cheese burger, only ketchup